Eminem..the ‘Platinum’ rapper or a millionaire from the slum

eminem net worth

Having been listed to the top 100 world’s highest-paid celebrities, he continues in the same vein and goes on pretty good: less than 15 shows for the last year would seem not too much impressive but the cost about 5-6 million per each makes a good amount, isn’t it? How much is Eminem worth and how did he achieved the status of a ‘Platinum’ rapper? Here you will find the answers.

Who could foresee that a boy growing in an incomplete family and moving around Missouri with his mum would become a world famous singer? The story of a “Platinum rapper” began in his teens when he first listened to widely popular ‘Beastie Boys’ hip-hop albums. He couldn’t but try to express himself and tell everyone about all the ‘delights’ of life in the slums speaking the language of music that is clear to everyone.

Numerous battles and amateur performances which led to his dropping out of high school, at least, resulted in a partnership with Marshall Bassmint Productions (later Soul Intent) and other record companies. At that time Eminem was just seventeen and earned his living working as a dishwasher and a cook.

eminem net worthHard work without sleep and rest finally yielded some serious result which was the release of a debut album in 1996. It was called ‘Infinite’ and was noted by critics for using rather complex rhymes with a fairly simple arrangement. Now we can say that it is the most positive product among all the singer’s albums but, actually, he doesn’t like to speak about it to much.

Than, in 1997, The Slim Shady EP. This album was voted the best rap album and brought Eminem the highest musical award – Grammy. The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show released in 2000 and 2002 also brought huge financial successes. The first of them became the fastest selling album in the history of hip-hop music. After that Eminem’s singing career went on smoothly. We can judge about it by the number of records (more than 45 millon) and downloads (over 40 million).

How much is there in his pocket?

Today, according to networthcelebrities.com Eminem net worth is 210 million US dollars. Eminem’s story shows pretty well that the recipe of becoming a millionaire is quite universal and includes 2 important components such as infernal work and brilliant talent.

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